Shipping your Car / Motorbike back to Malaysia



If you are student studying abroad or a Malaysian government servant posted overseas, chances are you will be interested to bring back either a car or a motorbike using you allocated Approved Permit (AP). Yes, as a returning students or government servant on overseas posting, you are entitled to one AP in a lifetime to import a vehicle (either a car or a motorbike) provided you fullfill certain criteria. Yes, the AP is absolutely FREE.

We have been assisting Malaysians in importing their vehicles from UK and Australia through our network of logistics partnership and we personally do the clearance for you at Port Klang. Since we are a licensed forwarding company, we are able to charge a reasonable price for your clearance needs at the port.

To start, lets look at what MITI has put up on their website:

Personal AP

The AP is basically a permit to import and it is not limited to cars or motorcycle. To apply for an AP, one need to obtain the JK69 form, fill it up and submit it to MITI for approval.

What is JK69 and how to get it?


JK69 is a gazetted Custom Form . The form comes with three carbonised copies. Therefore, it cannot be downloaded from the website. Once endorsed by MITI, the form becomes an Approved Permit (AP). JK69 can be purchased at:

Percetakan Nasional Malaysia Berhad

Jalan Chan Sow Lin

50554 Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 03-92212022 03-92212022

Fax : 03-92220690

Is AP for a personal cars granted for imports of CBU or CKD?


AP for a personal vehicle is granted for CBU only.

Who is eligible to bring in a personal vehicle?


Malaysians studying overseas (at least diploma level) for more than a year and returning home permanently. Accompanying spouse is not eligible.
Malaysians working legally on a permanent post overseas (at least a year ) and returning home permanently. Accompanying spouse is not eligible.
Government officials posted overseas for more than a year. Accompanying spouse is eligible for one AP.
(For more information on (i), (ii) and (iii), please go toGuidelines>Approved Permit(AP).
Refer to Guidelines to Apply for Import License For Personal Motor Vehicles Of Malaysian Citizens Working Or Studying Overseas)
Expatriates with valid working pass/permit. The importation of the personal vehicle is subject to re-export condition upon termination of work employment in Malaysia.
Participants of Malaysia My Second Home Programme (MM2H). (For detail, please go to )
Malaysian specialists returning home under the Ministry of Human Resource program. (For details, please go )

How to apply for an AP for a personal vehicle?

A completed application has to be submitted manually to any of the following offices:

Import and Export Control Division
Ministry of International Trade and Industry
2nd Floor, Block 10 Government Offices Complex
50622 Jalan Duta
Kuala Lumpur

Tel : 603-62034819
Fax: 603-62013012

ii. .

MITI Cawangan Sabah
Tingkat 3, blok D&E
Bangunan KWSP
49,Jalan Karamunsing
88622 Kota Kinabalu

Tel: 088-239061 088-239061
Fax : 088-235645

iii. .

MITI Cawangan Sarawak
Tingkat 3, Bangunan Bank Negara
93400 Kuching Sarawak

Tel : 082-257164 082-257164
Fax : 082-417835

How long does it take to process the application?


Application for a personal AP will be processed manually within 7 working days.

The following are the guideline as posted by MITI in their website:

Guidelines to Apply for Import License For Personal Motor Vehicles Of Malaysian Citizens Working Or Studying Overseas

Malaysian citizens that is eligible to apply:

  • Government officials working or studying overseas (at least obtained a diploma).
  • Malaysian citizens working full time in a company/posted overseas for at least 1 year or studying overseas (except from Singapore and Brunei). Accompanying spouses or children are not eligible to apply for Import License.
  • Husband, wife and children of Government officials and staff of home-based offices working at Malaysian Representatives office overseas.
  • Conditions that need to be fulfilled to qualify for an Import License for a private motor vehicle:
  • Residing overseas legally for a period of not less than one (1) year.
  • Vehicle must be registered under the applicant’s name for a period of not less than nine (9) months (from the date of vehicle registration to the date of return to Malaysia).
  • Vehicle must be insured under the applicant’s name for a period of not less than nine (9) months (from the date of car insured to the date of return to Malaysia).
  • Applicant must have a valid driving license.
    A learner/temporary driving license is not acceptable.
  • Returned to Malaysia permanently.
  • Apply within 3 months from the date of return to Malaysia .

Applicant must submit the application together with a certified copy of the following documents:

  • International passport.
  • Working or studying visa overseas. Dependent visa are not entitled or allowed to apply. (Except Government officials posted overseas).
  • Identity card.
  • Letter of offer to work or study overseas.
  • Letter of job termination or completion of study.
  • Malaysian driving license.
  • Approval letter to study overseas from the sponsor of the scholarship or loan.
  • Certificate of Registration of the Vehicle overseas.
  • Insurance Certificate of the Vehicle overseas.
  • Purchase Invoice of the Vehicle overseas.
  • Completed and typed Customs Form JK69.
  • Boarding pass/flight ticket back to Malaysia.

Note :

Custom Form JK69 can be bought at:

Syarikat Percetakan Nasional (M) Berhad,
Jalan Chan Sow Lin,
50554 Kuala Lumpur.

All documents submitted must be certified by Malaysian Government officials (grade A) or Commissioner of Oath only.

General conditions imposed:

The vehicle can only be registered in Malaysia under the applicant’s name.

The ownership of the vehicle cannot be transferred to any third party within 2 years from the date of registration.

Import License is granted to applicant once in a lifetime.

Completed application must be submitted to:

Ministry of International Trade & Industry (MITI)
Import and Export Control Division
2nd Floor, Block 10 Government Offices Complex, Jalan Duta
50622 Kuala Lumpur.

Although there are many parties who offers to do you AP application for a fee, it is actual something that you can do on your own. Besides, MITI has already imposed a rule where AP applicant needs to apply in person and not through a third party. However, we are more than happy to assist if you need our help.

As we have done many clearance for returning students and working adults, we would like to share some pointers and additional guideline to make it much easier. Remember, unneccesary delay at the port will cost your money (in storage and port charges) so we would like to help you clear the car as soon as possible.

1. Please make sure you eligible to for an AP to ship back the car. Refer to the above guidelines.

2. Kindly ensure you have all the original documents requested i.e. car certificiate of ownership etc.

3. When filling up the JK69 form, please make sure the address you enter is the same as the one you use for the Bill of Lading and other shipping documents.

4. Please take great care in ensuring the information you entered are accurate, i.e the chasis number may have many letters and symbols mixed together; it has to be the same in all the forms (JK69, Kastam K1 form and your ownership certificate)

4. Application for the AP should be done immediately upon your arrival in Malaysia. You need not waituntil your car has arrived to do so. Remember, we want to have everything ready to minimize your cost.

5. If you are shipping your car in a container together with your personal effects, please make sure you do not put anything inside the car that is not listed in your packing list. If you do, there is a possibility that you may not be able to bring out the undeclared items from the port.

6. Please have the following ready for the appointment of the forwarding agent to clear your car in Malaysia:

i. Copy of your Passport

ii. Copy of IC (front and back)

iii. Appointment letter to appoint the forwarding company to act on your behalf (sample will be provided)

iv. If possible, copy of you BL and packing list.

7. You vehicle is taxable and it is calculated by the Custom based on your engine capacity and year of production. The basis used for the taxation is not your invoice value but a docket price maintained by the custom + the CIF cost. The docket price is basically the price from the factory (from the where the car is actually produced) provided by the manufacturer and it is quoted based on the currency of the manufacturing country (your AP will indicate this). Thus, currency exchange is also an important part of this calculation. There are three components of taxation, namely Import Duty, Excise Duty and Sales tax. Import Duty is usually 30% and sales tax is 10% but the excise duty varies based on the engine capacity. As an example, a car above 2,000 cc but below 2,500cc has an excise duty of 70%. Take note that you are not able to transfer the ownership of your car for 2-4 years.

The following is taken from the official Kastam Diraja Malaysia website:

Adalah dinasihatkan kepada semua pelajar yang ingin mengimport / membawa balik kenderaan yang dimiliki di luar negara supaya menyemak terlebih dahulu nilai dan kadar duti/cukai yang terlibat bagi tujuan pengesahan jumlah cukai yang sepatutnya dibayar . Bagi tujuan semakan, anda boleh menghubungi Tuan Johari Bin Alifiah Timbalan Pengarah Kastam Bahagian Perkhidmatan Teknik (Cawangan Pengurusan Penilaian ) Ibu Pejabat Kastam Diraja Malaysia , ,my dan Tel: 03-88822255

Adalah ditegaskan bahawa tiada pengurangan tambahan (diskaun) yang akan diberikan ke atas kenderaan yang dibawa balik dengan menggunakan AP Pelajar selain yang telah ditetapkan mengikut Akta / Peraturan /Prosidur yang sedia ada.

To have an idea on how much is your tax to be paid, I strongly recommend you contact the above person via email. He will be able to give you the value, with the workings on how the tax is derived. Please keep his reply as it would be helpful should there be a dispute when calculating the tax in Malaysia.

As mentioned too, there are no discount given for cars shipped back using the student AP (but you can always appeal if you want too). However, for returning professional or Malaysian civil servant returning from an overseas posting, you can apply for a reduction from the Treasury. Reduction is up to 50% for duties and tax (no reduction in sales tax). Previously, returning professionals called back by the government are even given 100% exemption on all duties and tax.

This is basically a guideline to assist you in importing your vehicle. You can contact us at if you would like us to assist you.